Bike Repair Shop

Another timeless monochrome from India and from long ago, so scanned from film.

It was taken in a tiny village called Aihole in Karnataka State which is blessed with the remains of dozens of temples from the sixth and seventh centuries.

This bike repair shed serves a rural community, and perhaps doesn’t get as much passing trade as the liquor store just up the street, but the condition of the roads must cause quite a few punctures and bent wheels.

Bike Repair Shop


Grounded in the Ganges

This is a simple scene, but telling. The barefoot boatmen wade through the detritus on the river bank. A string of beads lies in the water, maybe carried downstream from the funeral ghats just up river. The decaying brickwork and the old boat showing that entropy is having its way.

A scene on the river Ganges, The Ganga, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Grounded in the Ganges


Royal Train

I used to collect old train postcards and had over 2000 of them. This one from the late 19th Century I kept because it’s a beautifully taken sepia print.

The scene is a posed one and is of the Royal Train that no doubt hauled Queen Victoria around the Great Western Railway of England.

The locomotive has the royal coat of arms attached to the wheel splasher and is appropriately named ‘Queen’. I guess the picture was taken in the late 80s or early 90s.

Royal Train