Afternoon Light

Afternoon Light


When the light’s as good as this you have to stop and exercise the pixels.

Lowran Falls drop down Bennan Hill into Loch Ken and I was returning from a writing workshop in New Galloway along the road that runs alongside the Loch when the glint of light on water caught my eye through the trees. Not too much rain recently, so there wasn’t much water splashing out of the hills but the mossy rocks were catching that light beautifully.


A Summer’s day at Knockbrex

A summer's day at Knockbrex


Two men approach to challenge me about walking on a farmer’s field. I turn and run but they find me hiding behind a cow.

I often wonder whether anyone actually reads this bit of text beneath the photo.

If you visit Scotland you will discover that we have the right to roam across most of the landscape, though, of course, you have to avoid damaging crops or scaring livestock.

The two approaching men are fellow camera club members walking down to an Iron Age Broch that stands on the coast here at Knockbrex. It was a lovely day for a stroll and for taking photos, an intensely agreeable summer’s day in fact.


Happy Diana !

Happy Diana

Yes, Diana is very happy as the children have been having some fun at an Easter workshop where they made clay models, decorated paper bags, and produced colourful laminated transparencies.

Happy grandchildren and daughter-in-law makes for a satisfying Easter experience.


Caerlaverock Castle

Mono Castle

Caerlaverock Castle is about 15 miles south of Dumfries and we made an Easter time visit with our grandchildren Ethan and Ava. We spent a very interesting 4 hours here exploring the castle and grounds, and Ava added to her holiday castle project, while Ethan appropriately bought a bow and arrow. Toby the dog explored the place with his nose.


Carstramon Oak

Castramon Oak

An April visit to Carstramon Woods brings forth the beauty of fresh springtime growth from both the spectacular annual display of bluebells that carpet the ground, as well as the greening of leaves from the ancient oak tree who’s splayed branches testify to the dynamic energy of rising sap, reaching for the light.


The Winkle Pickers

The Winkle Pickers


These smiling and friendly people were unusual in two ways. I have never seen anyone playing a board game on the shoreline before. Most people come for the scenery and the sea. Not only that but they had been collecting Winkles and Limpets from the rocks. I guess that these would shortly be cooked to add flavour to a soup or casserole.

The picture was taken at Mossyard on the Fleet Bay.