Through the Window

Through the Window

Two Seater


Two different approaches to the editing of photos taken at the Kirkcudbright Summer Festivities Vintage Car Rally.

They don’t sit too well together as images and I’m not sure that I like the grainy effect in the second picture…..put it down to one of the ‘Other Mistakes’ in Life,Photography, & Other Mistakes….

You have to take the rough with the smooth….!



Author: Stewartry Writers

Writer and Photographer based in S W Scotland. Contact at Please respect the copyright of all material shown here.

7 thoughts on “Through the Window”

    1. Agreed, though I reflect on the memory of magazines from the 30s and 40s that gave mono images this type of toning……so it’s very ‘period’ thing to do.
      Sorry, arcane justification for crapness!
      Thanks Lesley!


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