North from Torrs



A photo of a beautiful summer’s evening from Torrs Point is the subject of today’s post. The view is from the eastern side of Kirkcudbright Bay, looking north-west towards the distant Galloway Hills.


Author: Stewartry Writers

Writer and Photographer based in S W Scotland. Contact at Please respect the copyright of all material shown here.

8 thoughts on “North from Torrs”

    1. Thanks Rob. It’s very much ‘in your face’ approach to colour, and heavily processed where normally I would go for a muted colour quality, but just occasionally one comes along that will shout at you. I was pleased with this despite its flatulence….

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      1. It’s hardly flatulent.. other end of that spectrum entirely. If your going to do colour.. might as well make it worth it. And this is definitely worth it. Love the light in the skies and clouds and the way you’ve portrayed it. Simply fabulous!


      2. Well….I shall go to sleep a happy and contented man…….no, seriously….a few kind and generous words help to rekindle the enthusiasm….and that makes all the difference….thanks Rob.

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