Water & Rock

Water & Rock

A small burn, or stream, is seen here on a visit to check out the display of bluebells in Carstramon Woods. The bluebells were not at their peak so I scrambled up a hillside to follow the course of this small Burn. The fresh green of spring’s growth is seen against a mossy rock.

Dusk Light

Dusk Light

There were several incidents on our Kerala Backwaters boat trip that caused lengthy delays which was fortuitous as we caught the most wonderful sunset and returned to port after dark.

It was a sunset where the sky changed dramatically by the minute and this is one of the many pictures taken that day that still lurk unseen in my files.


Ticket Checker’s Office

Ticket Checker's Office

The National Railway Museum is probably one of the world’s best of its type and their collection of locomotives, carriages and ancillary equipment dates from the early years of the 19th Century, Here a mainline railway terminal is recreated with locomotives hauling vintage royal train stock. The view is through the windows of an old ticket office.


The Rains are Coming!

The Rains are Coming!

We had been out on a boat trip from Ernakulam which is the city on the mainland just opposite the island on which stands Fort Kochi, All afternoon these clouds had gradually built up and I commented to Shyju that it was going to be raining soon. ‘No chance’, he said. A couple of hours later it rained heavens high! Fortunately we were back at the hotel by then.


The Butcher’s Shop

The Butcher's Shop

The interior of this butcher’s shop was faithful to the late 19th or early 20th centuries in this Victorian Town at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum in Shropshire. All the buildings have been brought here from the area and carefully reconstructed and furnished with period details. All of the shops are staffed and they make you very welcome! You can buy ¬†appropriate local produce here using pre-decimal period currency though you have to purchase this at the correct exchange rate!



Fresh, You Say?

Fresh, You Say?

The fish market is appropriately alongside the shore where the huge Chinese nets stand like dockside cranes. This of course is Fort Kochi, one of my favourite places to visit in Kerala.

The two women are looking askance at the fish on the table. They looked fresh but perhaps the price was being negotiated!