Waterside, Kochi

Waterside, Kochi

The history of the trade that India had with the outside world is a long one and here in Kochi in Kerala and similarly in Goa, the architecture clearly shows the strong influence of Portugal in these former warehouses along the waterfront.

In my early visits to North India I was amazed to discover carved Roman swags decorating the architectural detail and later was intrigued to discover the Hellenistic drapery on carved figures that wouldn’t have been out of place in Greece. At one early stupa I suspected that the columns supporting the porch of a small temple shrine showed evidence of Egyptian influence but have never seen or read of this as a recognised architectural source in India. You never know what you might come across as you walk around a corner in this wonderful melting pot!


Author: smithiesshutter

Writer and Photographer based in S W Scotland. Contact at smithiesshutter.gmail.com Please respect the copyright of all material shown here.

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