The Night of the Fight

The Night of the Fight

Hmmm, this is possibly one of those “other mistakes” that my blog is named after.

We were staying in Kannur in Kerala at the Mascot Beach Resort and had had a busy day. It was a Sunday, I remember, and Ian, my travelling companion, wanted to go to the Cathedral of Holy Trinity for the morning 7 am service. The service was in English and felt very remote. After breakfast Shyju was late picking us up again and we were stuck in traffic while driving to make a second visit to the Theyyam Festival at Kotali.

Approaching the village we were held up by the crowds and a procession, so we left the car, pushing through the crowds on foot. We were surrounded by fire crackers and a drumming band, and then by the festive crowds carrying decorated brollies and temple offerings. Soon my camera battery gave out and I had to change it on the hoof.

Shyju and I pushed through the crowds and managed to get in front of the procession, but we had lost Ian which was odd because he’s well over six feet tall!  He told us later that he couldn’t cope with the crowds and the heat so he caught an auto back to the hotel.

The photo opportunities were brilliant.

Later I met up with Shyju and we returned to the hotel for lunch. After a strenuous morning the only recourse for the afternoon was to lie down and have a doze and then, at 5.15, a swim. At 6.45 Shyju returned and we visited the fishing harbour and then to Payyambalam beach. Well the intention was to watch a wrestling competition there, but as you can see, it had just finished, so I photographed some sand and a few remaining legs……

Well, there was though, some compensation. We drove into town and had chicken Cantonese with cauliflower in a very smart restaurant!


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