Waiting for the 4pm Departure

Waiting for the 4pm Departure

This is a view looking down the platform of Pickering Station as we waited for the 16.00 departure for Whitby on the North York Moors heritage railway.



Author: smithiesshutter

Artist and Photographer based in S W Scotland. Contact at smithiesshutter.gmail.com Prints may be obtained from any image shown here. Please respect my copyright.

10 thoughts on “Waiting for the 4pm Departure”

      1. John, I’m look forward to them. I think you should approach a curator to promote these images. Do train stations in your area have exhibition areas? If so, it sounds like a good match.


      2. Ah, I wish! The local railway closed in 1963, though the town museum has a good selection of pictures. Most of my early photos were taken in the English Midlands. Just preparing a talk for the camera club and showing some trains, though the title is ‘what we did in the dark room’ I have found the preparation quite a validating experience!


      3. John, that’s too bad about the lack of availability. Keep looking.
        What a great opportunity to show and talk about your work and work in the dark room. I did some dark room work but never got into it seriously. Is the club recording presentations and posting them?


  1. I’ve stood on that platform many times – my wife was living in Whitby when I first met her back in, well a long time ago 🙂 She remembered it a a girl.
    We catch the steam train on & off for the fun of it, they do a very nice dinning experience with a round trip to Goathland & back.
    Beeching was very short sighted when he cut a lot of this rural network.


      1. Funny how we forget the soot & grime, although I do miss the more sedate travel experience.
        I remember Whitby when one could buy fish just in on the morning tide & fishing boats 3 deep on the quayside.


      2. It’s also funny because yesterday I found some black and white negatives taken of the boats in the harbour in the 70s. I suppose we tend to think that film was the golden age of photography but most of my negs are crap! There again, perhaps I’m better at it than I used to be!


      3. “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”
        Oscar Wilde. 🙂
        Been there done that & still do.
        Selenium toner got me out of many thin negs when I first started using two bath developing, because I didn’t give enough time compensation for new thinner emulsions.

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