Multiverse Triptych

Multiverse Triptych

A group of Stewartry Camera Club members made a visit to Crawick Multiverse last month and here you can see some of my colleagues racing off into the distance while I paused to capture these two fine mosaic panels at the entrance.

Despite their enthusiasm to get the first landscape shot on the way up the hill, it was yours truly who reached the top first, though there was some heavy breathing at altitude!


Author: smithiesshutter

Writer and Photographer based in S W Scotland. Contact at Please respect the copyright of all material shown here.

3 thoughts on “Multiverse Triptych”

    1. Ha! Just got the old bike out and the tyres blown up….
      Been told I need to get out more. Not sure that was meant in the physical world or the metaphysical. Anyway I aim to get out more in both senses instead of wondering where life went to and why I don’t remember some of it! Thank goodness for colourslides with the date on. Thank goodness for photography, memories are made of this!


      1. Yes, we still need to be active with all the birthdays that we collect and sometimes seem to weigh us down…so get on the bike and stay healthy, dear John…we need you ’round hereabouts. 🙂


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