My Old Mate Ron

My Old Mate Ron

We were friends at Birmingham College of Art in the early 60s and have known each for sixty years. Ron carved a successful career as a picture restorer and also, in recent years has started to make a name for himself as a very fine landscape painter.

Ron Moore is based in Herefordshire, England.


The Castle on the Dee

The Castle on the Dee

The remains of Threave Castle in The Stewartry of Dumfries & Galloway stands on an island in the river Dee. There’s a ferry which you can summon with a bell and which takes you across the water. Perhaps, one day I might actually ring that bell with intent. Until then it will have to be seen from afar.


Harbour Sunset

Harbour Sunset

This is Kirkcudbright Harbour and my home town. Up to 15 fishing boats can be drawn up at the harbour wall at the point where Kirkcudbright Bay becomes the River Dee.

I took 3 exposures in order to capture the contrasting range of light, so this is a combination image that deals with the high dynamic range of the light.