Bridge to Nowhere

A photo on Google maps taken in December 2008 shows that this was a suspension bridge under construction and this picture was taken in November 2009 after the centre section had collapsed into the river.

The location at Hampi in Karnataka, India, on the River Tungabhadra and the bridge was intended to link the village of Anegundi to the Kamalapura Road.


Bridge to Nowhere



Watching in Mono


I’m really very disorganised. I suppose that’s apparent from the way pictures from different locations and times keep popping up on my daily postings.

I like to think that variety makes for interest rather than showing similar images all the time, so that’s my excuse. Actually I have been going through my picture files seeking out ┬áthose that might have been previously edited, some not at all, and seeing whether my current editing approach can produce something new. There’s nothing ground breaking here. I suppose this platform is an excuse to hone my skills. Well that sounds rather grandiose, actually I’m not a camera technician, I just take snaps, so I enjoy the challenge of trying to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. That may not happen of course, but it’s fun trying.

This photo was taken in Kochi, Kerala. The waterfront and town are very photogenic and I always come away from there with a memory card full of images. Sometimes they are worth showing here!


River Dee in January

River Dee in January

I hope that this manages to capture the mood and feeling of chill winter’s afternoon when the mist lingers all day. We have had quite a few autumn gales which have kept the fog at bay so far this year and of course the trees have been stripped bare much earlier than usual by all that wind.