Vintage Portrait


Another photo from a visit to the Blists Hill open air museum of the Ironbridge Gorge, in Shropshire, England.

This museum is highly recommended and is great for photography.



Argyle Street at Night

Argyle Street at Night

This is the section of Argyle Street that runs under Glasgow Central Station.

I was returning to the station after attending a seminar on low frequency sound and the cellular damage that prolonged exposure can cause.

This was in particular reference to the infra sound generated by wind turbines. Scientific studies are being undertaken but the health issues are only slowly gaining a wider audience. Unfortunately all the regulations that are in place currently only address the issue of audible sound. I fear that the need to generate electricity is obscuring the dangers, and both the wind industry and governments are turning a blind eye to the issue.


Kochi Ferry

This photo is one of my favourites and this is the first showing of it. As a colour image it failed to satisfy, but as a monochrome it’s a knockout in my humble opinion……

I had taken the ferry from the mainland to the island on which stands Fort Kochi. In fact I had only just arrived here and when I came to pay at the ferry booth the only currency I was carrying was thousand Rupee notes and the guy at the booth simply didn’t have sufficient change. Seeing my difficulty one of the locals paid the fare of 3 Rupees for me.

Don’t you find that often when you are travelling you meet people who are generous to a fault.



Kochi Ferry