Fishing the Inland Sea

A small fishing boat is seen heading for home across the Inland Sea between Honshu and Shikoku islands, Japan.


Fishing the Inland Sea


Passing Train

Sanjo Cho is suburban district of south west Takamatsu in Japan. We have visited our friends there on a number of occasions and this path took us across the railway to Youmetown which was a large out of town shopping mall.

No doubt, Damian, you will let me know if I have failed to remember correctly the name of the shopping centre!


Train Passing Sanjo Cho


A scene that’s familiar to those who walk their dog alongside the Dee estuary in kirkcudbright, is this old timber fishing boat that has been decaying gradually for as long as we’ve known the town, and at high tide it has waves lapping around twice a day as it settles sadly into the river bank. Once you could read its name but even that has weathered away.



At the Summit

Friends and ardent campaigners for preserving the pristine beauty of Southern Scotland, Janet and Robin, are seen standing at the summit of Fuffock Hill.

I have accompanied then on this walk several times and the views south over the coastal region make the effort to reach the summit very worth while.


At the Summit