Stable Yard

I love wandering around Dublin, and one evening while exploring the fine Georgian streets I watched as a horse drawn carriage trundled between the houses. Following I discovered this stable yard where the horses were being groomed and settled for the night.


Stable Yard

Author: smithiesshutter

Writer and Photographer based in S W Scotland. Contact at Please respect the copyright of all material shown here.

7 thoughts on “Stable Yard”

      1. Well, I blame our problems on that guy Noah Webster.


        Somehow the American spelling strikes at the roots of the word and while grey is potentially rather chic and certainly refined; gray is soulless and leaden like a battleship.

        So I might consider grey as having a period feel, a French grey, maybe which with a certain pale yellow might be seen as very fashionable in Regency times, whereas gray is unremittingly dark and threatening like the onset of a storm; like a dead soldiers pallor, like those Crimean cannonballs photographed by Roger Fenton on the field of battle.

        Says he with tongue firmly in cheek….


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