Agra Kids

The streets of India are always animated by the children, and a tourist carrying a camera is a magnet for crowds of kids who gather to ask “where you from”, or “what’s your name” or even, and less appealing, “school pen?”

If you are busy taking photos they will stand there waiting for you to take their picture and will quickly line up ready for their portrait. Agra in Uttar Pradesh is especially appealing for its narrow streets and excited children.

Agra Kids

Author: Stewartry Writers

Writer and Photographer based in S W Scotland. Contact at Please respect the copyright of all material shown here.

2 thoughts on “Agra Kids”

  1. John, beautifully done. Thank you for the back story.
    When I ran a large Rotary Club Youth Exchange program I encourage our outbound students to carry pencils with their name and the Rotary Club name. I’m not aware of anyone coming back with those pencils. A great gift.


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