The Pennine Hills of England

Hmmm, I’m not too sure where this was taken, perhaps it was in the hills north of Sheffield or maybe it was close to Skipton. Now both of those locations are in Yorkshire, but I have a vague feeling that this could be a part of the Peak District of Derbtshire. Either way, the hills are a part of the Pennine range that runs up the backbone of England.

Vague feelings are becoming more prevalent it must be admitted…

The Pennine Hills of England



Caerlaverock Landscape

An autumn view taken at Caerlaverock Castle when we visited last year with the grandchildren. The castle is unusual for being triangular in plan and originally it stood on the coast but the sea has now retreated across mud flats.

This picture has been included in a selection going forward for a regional inter club competition though if I were the judge I would be sure to point out the tree branches that partially obscure the castle. Removing them in photoshop would be fiddly but possible, but my justification would be on the grounds of being creatively less obvious, as well as incompetence.

Caerlaverock Landscape



Dirty Window


Here we go again….

Back with the living after having had the flu for a week and a half, and, well if you live in the northern hemisphere you will understand about the dark days of January when you would rather stick your head in a bucket until spring looms into view, and in these parts that’s a wait until at least the end of April.

So, back with the living after not blogging for two weeks, and just to offer good cheer, here is a photo taken in one of the back lanes of Kirkcudbright which we call Ker-coo-bree, but you can call it whatever you like ’cause no-one will hear you…… and is a picture that no right minded normal person would ever conceive of wanting to take….but provides endless hours of joy to photography anoraks the world over, possibly….

Dirty Window