Varanasi Archway

There maybe serious health and safety issues about working under that archway, but it makes for a photogenic scene. I love exploring places like this. There is always another corner to peer around and another alleyway to discover that’s full of incident and detail.

Varanasi Archway

Threave Castle from Balmaghie

The square monolith of Threave Castle stands off in the distance on its small island in the middle of the river Dee, so quite what the round tower structure in the foreground is I’m unsure. Perhaps it’s a disguised water tank, or maybe it really is an ancient relic.

I was driving through this part of The Stewartry when I spotted the nearer tower. Without thinking I leaped from the car, climbed over a gate, and ran across the field to frame my shot. When I returned to the car a woman stepped out of her cottage door and asked what I was doing. When I apologised to her she said that I was lucky that the bull wasn’t in the field that day.

Threave Castle from Balmaghie