One of several old negatives scanned recently from the late 70s or early 80s and presented, so as to give an indication of my era and great age!

I remember that there were some trees growing in some of these vehicles, so perhaps the pictures aren’t quite as old as I suggest. Car graveyards like this are very sad places. Sad pictures from a sad old git.



The Pennine Hills of England

Hmmm, I’m not too sure where this was taken, perhaps it was in the hills north of Sheffield or maybe it was close to Skipton. Now both of those locations are in Yorkshire, but I have a vague feeling that this could be a part of the Peak District of Derbtshire. Either way, the hills are a part of the Pennine range that runs up the backbone of England.

Vague feelings are becoming more prevalent it must be admitted…

The Pennine Hills of England

Back Roads

Badami, Karnataka

Back Lane Earby

Two contrasting scenes of back roads, the first in Badami, Karnataka, India, the second In Earby, England.

Not comparable really are they. Surely there aren’t too many towns that are built under the face of a cliff while there are many 19th century urban developments similar to the view below.