Car Graphics 1



Two graphic images that were taken at the Kirkcudbright Vintage Car Rally. The first is a Lea-Francis and the second, an Alvis.



Harbour Sunset

Harbour Sunset

This is Kirkcudbright Harbour and my home town. Up to 15 fishing boats can be drawn up at the harbour wall at the point where Kirkcudbright Bay becomes the River Dee.

I took 3 exposures in order to capture the contrasting range of light, so this is a combination image that deals with the high dynamic range of the light.


Dhoon Bay

Dhoon Bay

Our local beach is actually called Whitemill Bay but everyone calls it The Dhoon after the hill that stands behind it.

Driftwood and pebbles lie scattered along the tide line, waiting to be driven into the trees that line the shore by the first autumn gales.

For a few weeks in the summer the sand rings to the shouts of children playing and building sand castles. For most of the year it lies deserted except for the occasional dog walker.

This is Kirkcudbright Bay in Dumfries & Galloway, in an undiscovered part of Scotland. Kirkcudbright is pronounced Kir-coo-bree.