Back Roads

Badami, Karnataka

Back Lane Earby

Two contrasting scenes of back roads, the first in Badami, Karnataka, India, the second In Earby, England.

Not comparable really are they. Surely there aren’t too many towns that are built under the face of a cliff while there are many 19th century urban developments similar to the view below.


Jamia Masjid

Badami Mosque
The small mosque in Badami is beautifully constructed from local sandstone and stands next to the low dam that holds back the Agasthya Lake.

I have visited Badami on several occasions with friends or on my own and have stayed at the Badami Court Hotel which is a short walk north of the town on Station Road.

Nearby is Pattadakal with its world heritage temples and slightly further away is Aihole in a landscape full of very ancient temples.


Badami Mosque


Bhutanatha Temple

This perfectly beautiful site is the Bhutanatha Temple. The temple dates from the 7th century with the addition of an 11th century open hall on the waterfront. It is located on the Agasthya Lake in Badami, Karnataka, India.

Badami is one of my favourite small towns in India with its quiet winding streets. It is surrounded by high sandstone cliffs with their well known 6th century caves and the surrounding countryside is full of fascinating ancient temple sites.


Badami Temple