Water & Rock

Water & Rock

A small burn, or stream, is seen here on a visit to check out the display of bluebells in Carstramon Woods. The bluebells were not at their peak so I scrambled up a hillside to follow the course of this small Burn. The fresh green of spring’s growth is seen against a mossy rock.

Carstramon Oak

Castramon Oak

An April visit to Carstramon Woods brings forth the beauty of fresh springtime growth from both the spectacular annual display of bluebells that carpet the ground, as well as the greening of leaves from the ancient oak tree who’s splayed branches testify to the dynamic energy of rising sap, reaching for the light.


Bluebells at Carstramon Woods

Bluebells at Castramon Woods

Perhaps by the end of the month the bluebells in Carstramon Woods will be putting on another display like this. It’s a stunning location, an old oak wooded hillside carpeted in this rich blue, and the scent is out of this world!

Carstramon is located on the country road that heads north out of Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.