A street portrait taken in Glasgow.

I like how working in monochrome encourages a more formal and studied approach to picture making. Balancing the tones and cropping to enhance the formal elements of placement and division is a very satisfying activity. The unruly diagonals always add a touch of tension, don’t you think?



The Barras

Glasgow’s open air market is known as The Barras and they don’t take kindly to having photos taken here and there are some heavies who make it clear that when they say ‘No Photographs!’ they mean it……


Over Kelvingrove


A second view taken at the Kelvingrove exhibition of the work of comic book artist Frank Quitely. Here Superman flies over a comic style view of the gallery done by the artist. This corner of the gallery gave children the chance to dress up and get into character, and a few parents joined them, getting into the mood of the show as well.