At Singapore Stores

At Singapore Stores

As a photographers we take our opportunities where we can and in India those opportunities are plentiful. Many shops and businesses are open to the street which has a number of benefits. The main one I suppose is access and the consequent lack of privacy. People working in these businesses are a part of the hurly burly of street life and are used to the potential for interaction with others on the street. The other benefit is that daylight streams into the premises which certainly helps to make the photography easier and more interesting.

This picture was taken in the town centre of Kannur in Kerala.


Two Men in a Crowd

Two Men in a Crowd

The Theyyum Festival at Kotalli near Kannur in Kerala was the highlight of our visit to the area and we spent an evening and most of a second day here photographing the people and the event. The temple was crowded and there were many keen candidates for a portrait.

A policeman wagged a finger at me. “No photographs of women,” he insisted several times, but the women were just as happy as the men to pose for their picture, and I soon lost the policeman in the crowd!