Kochi Ferry

This photo is one of my favourites and this is the first showing of it. As a colour image it failed to satisfy, but as a monochrome it’s a knockout in my humble opinion……

I had taken the ferry from the mainland to the island on which stands Fort Kochi. In fact I had only just arrived here and when I came to pay at the ferry booth the only currency I was carrying was thousand Rupee notes and the guy at the booth simply didn’t have sufficient change. Seeing my difficulty one of the locals paid the fare of 3 Rupees for me.

Don’t you find that often when you are travelling you meet people who are generous to a fault.



Kochi Ferry

Watching in Mono


I’m really very disorganised. I suppose that’s apparent from the way pictures from different locations and times keep popping up on my daily postings.

I like to think that variety makes for interest rather than showing similar images all the time, so that’s my excuse. Actually I have been going through my picture files seeking out ┬áthose that might have been previously edited, some not at all, and seeing whether my current editing approach can produce something new. There’s nothing ground breaking here. I suppose this platform is an excuse to hone my skills. Well that sounds rather grandiose, actually I’m not a camera technician, I just take snaps, so I enjoy the challenge of trying to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. That may not happen of course, but it’s fun trying.

This photo was taken in Kochi, Kerala. The waterfront and town are very photogenic and I always come away from there with a memory card full of images. Sometimes they are worth showing here!