The River Nith, July

The River Nith, July

This photo really appeals to me!

It speaks to me like a summer salad with crunchy celery, cucumber and grapes. Green grapes, of course, with a dash of salad dressing.

Full summer can be over cooked as the fresh greens of spring time darken and become heavy and overblown, but the greens here are fruity and still have a crunch!

The only thing that lets it down is the lack of colour in the sky, but you can’t have everything! The photo was taken at Ellisland Farm, Auldgirth, once the home of Robert Burns, and it lies about 6.5 miles northwest of Dumfries, Scotland.


Afternoon Light

Afternoon Light


When the light’s as good as this you have to stop and exercise the pixels.

Lowran Falls drop down Bennan Hill into Loch Ken and I was returning from a writing workshop in New Galloway along the road that runs alongside the Loch when the glint of light on water caught my eye through the trees. Not too much rain recently, so there wasn’t much water splashing out of the hills but the mossy rocks were catching that light beautifully.


Carstramon Oak

Castramon Oak

An April visit to Carstramon Woods brings forth the beauty of fresh springtime growth from both the spectacular annual display of bluebells that carpet the ground, as well as the greening of leaves from the ancient oak tree who’s splayed branches testify to the dynamic energy of rising sap, reaching for the light.


Walking the Course

Walking the Course


A foggy and frosty morning greeted us when we visited Sefton Park in Liverpool for a British Athletic Association cross country event in which our grandson Ethan was running in the under 11s event. He came 11th out of a large field.

On the left he can be seen in just a small part of the starting line-up, and on the right our son Martin accompanies Ethan and Toby as they walk the course before the race.