Knockendurrick Pine

An early February picture when we walked up Fuffock Hill, and a mid March piece of editing that came out dark and moody and which absolutely matches my frame of mind just now.

If you want a more cheerful mood, turn up your screen brightness fully and bask in its sombre glory!

Knockendurrick Pine

Author: smithiesshutter

Writer and Photographer based in S W Scotland. Contact at Please respect the copyright of all material shown here.

11 thoughts on “Knockendurrick Pine”

      1. Oh, I see your reference. It is a valid interpretation. We tend to be overwhelmed by the number of images that are uploaded and seen. New challenges to what used to be a causal activity.


      2. Yes, and here the culture of camera clubs tends towards the traditional landscape, rule of thirds, lead lines and perfect depth of field. It also tends to frown on the use of filters and obvious editing. So inevitably anything that smacks of camera phone images is considered inferior. As I rebel against elitism, I have now left the camera club…..for a while……
        I was a pain in the but!!


      3. Well, sometimes something different is good. My club has a creative category that almost anything goes. Some are using their camera phones to do some very creative things in camera and in post production. We’ve invited a presenter on how to use your cell phone camera to create excellent images. I think what many lose sight of is that you can use almost anything to make a picture. You’re still should be using the compositional components and elements of surprise. I think you would agree, the camera is a tool, it’s what behind the camera the creates magic.


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