9 thoughts on “Evening Embers”

    1. Thanks Tim, been busy. Three funerals, rehung 4 doors and been to Dublin. One of the funerals was a woodland burial and was a very personal experience with every aspect of the burial planned by the deceased. She was a poet and a lovely person. The coffin was a cardboard box covered in scenes of bluebells and she read a goodbye poem. Special day….
      Oh, and still have Another four doors to fit…..and a wind farm to oppose…..busy, busy!


      1. John, I’m sorry to learn of the loss of so many friends. As we get older it seems to occur with more regularity. The funeral of the poet appears to have been beautiful.
        Hanging doors? Is this a past obsession or profession that you can’t escape from? From my few times having do that it was not an easy task. Solid doors are heavy to move around.


      2. No, we are doing some decorating and decided to replace the interior doors. I was toying with the idea of having some dormers upstairs to replace the roof lights but couldn’t face the thought of having to move all of my books, desk, computer etc. Just clearing the hall of bookshelves was a major task and the books are still waiting to be returned. Pleased with the new carpets though.

        Losing friends, yes, one collapsed and died at work which naturally upset all of his colleagues. You have to count your blessings and make each day count!


      3. I think decorating can be fun – well not quite. If I can get someone else to do it and I move out for the time period – oh yes I’d have to move somethings. On second thought….
        Counting our blessings should be done more often. Thank you for the reminder.


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