The River Nith, July

The River Nith, July

This photo really appeals to me!

It speaks to me like a summer salad with crunchy celery, cucumber and grapes. Green grapes, of course, with a dash of salad dressing.

Full summer can be over cooked as the fresh greens of spring time darken and become heavy and overblown, but the greens here are fruity and still have a crunch!

The only thing that lets it down is the lack of colour in the sky, but you can’t have everything! The photo was taken at Ellisland Farm, Auldgirth, once the home of Robert Burns, and it lies about 6.5 miles northwest of Dumfries, Scotland.



Author: smithiesshutter

Artist and Photographer based in S W Scotland. Contact at Prints may be obtained from any image shown here. Please respect my copyright.

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